U3A Healesville

University of the Third Age

Easing of Covid Lockdown restrictions Midnight Wednesday 17th Feb 2021

Dear Members,

Following the announcement by the Premier this morning classes can now resume on Thursday (18 February) morning. We are now back to where we were prior to the 5 day lockdown with three changed qualifications:

  • Public gatherings outdoors are limited to 20 people;
  • Visitors to private homes are limited to 5 people (previously 15);
  • Face Masks are mandatory when inside and outside if you are unable to maintain 1.5m physical distancing.

The government coronavirus website states that community venues and facilities (libraries, senior citizens club, etc) have a patron cap of 1 per 2sqm if electronic record keeping is used, which is the case at the Court House. Otherwise it is 1 per 4sqm with manual record keeping.

There are two immediate ramifications:

  • First, groups who meet in private homes must cap their numbers at 5 (+ host).
  • Second, the ‘Friday at 5’ get together on 26 February will be postponed if things do not change before then but I will be in touch with you about that in due course.

Things will continue to change but in the meantime, stay well, stay safe and take care,

Best wishes,

John Pascoe (President)