Presidents Welcome 2022

President Welcome to 2022

A special welcome to all of our new members who have enrolled in U3A Healesville
and also a warm welcome back to those members who are re-enrolling. I look
forward to meeting as many of you as possible during the course of 2022, especially
our new members. The Course Coordinator, George Doig, has put together an
interesting and wide-ranging set of courses for 2022 and I am sure you will find
something in this handbook that will interest you. I also encourage you to make the
most of your membership by enrolling in as many courses as you can reasonably
manage. One of the joys of belonging to U3A Healesville is meeting people and by
enrolling in a variety of classes you will inevitably meet many more members. Our
Course Leaders do a wonderful job and enjoy sharing their interests and passions
with you. We also offer a number of social opportunities so that members get to
know others outside your courses.
Despite the lockdowns of 2021 many of our courses continued throughout by one
means or another and for that I am grateful to those course leaders who showed
creativity and energy in finding ways to keep in touch with their members. Once we
were able to gather again in face to face activities, the laughter and fun were
It is pleasing that our membership increased during 2021 to 259 members, our
largest ever, and although four courses will no longer run in 2022, we have added
eight new courses. So, the choice has increased. I encourage you to check our
website ( for the most up to date information about
courses and activities. Bob Willis has done a great deal of work in maintaining the
website as well as managing ‘UMAS for Members’ which allows the website to be
readily accessed on a smart phone. UMAS allows portability and uses large icons on
the homepage for accessing information.
Your committee has worked hard to ensure that we commence 2022 on 31 January
and I want to thank Barbara Woods (Vice President and Membership Officer),
Rebecca Doig (Secretary), Bill Woods (Treasurer), George Doig (Course
Coordinator), Wendy Veitch (Safety Officer and Courthouse Hire), Carol Taylor
(Communications and Marketing) and Bob Willis (Website and Data Base Manager)
for all that they have done to get us to this point of ensuring a smooth and CovidSafe commencement to the year.
I cannot emphasise enough that the health and well-being of each and every
member is paramount, and so being fully vaccinated, as defined by the Department
of Health, is a prerequisite for belonging to a class/activity that is delivered face-toface. Social distancing during courses, sanitising as we enter buildings, using the QR
code or maintaining a Covid-safe register of attendance and deep cleaning after
classes will continue to be a necessary part of how we operate. While mask wearing
is not mandatory at this stage, I do encourage you to wear a mask, especially when
indoors. The Chief Health Officer constantly reminds us that it is one of the most
important things we can do to keep Covid at bay.
A feature of U3A Healesville is our sense of community. We live in a wonderful part
of Victoria; we are a fortunate community. Enjoy each other’s company in 2022 and
may we grow together through our learning.
John Pascoe