U3A Healesville

University of the Third Age

Introduction of UMAS for Members

U3A Healesville and many other U3As use the UMAS software—provided and hosted by U3A
Network Victoria—to manage their database of members, programs and enrolments.
When you click on the U3A Healesville website’s ‘Log in’ page, you are taken to UMAS.

The existing UMAS layout was designed for the large screens of personal computers (PCs)
and laptops. Network’s IT volunteers have been working for a year on an updated version of
UMAS that will display and work better on iPads and smartphones, as well as PCs.
It is called UMAS for Members.

This is how the new ‘Log in’ page will look on an iPad: 

It will just have large icons for the four options:
 The schedule of Programs
 Log in (which takes you to UMAS)
 Join U3A Healesville
 Contact us

This is how the ‘Log in’ page will look on a smartphone:


And this is how it will look on a PC or laptop



This new format means that icons will work more effectively on touch-screen iPads, other
tablets, and smartphones [iPhones and Androids]. The display is simplified and has larger
text. You will have easy access to navigate and tap your choices, with less need to enlarge
the menu and find boxes that are well down the page.
Once you are logged in, the pages have a different appearance, but will do the same things
as before. You will still be able to:
 view and enrol in our U3A programs
 check and edit your membership details
 view and pay your membership invoice, and
 advise facilitators of absences.
Your selected enrolments will go into a ‘Cart’ and when finished, you go to the ‘Checkout’ to
finalise your enrolments.
If you are not currently a financial member of U3A Healesville, once you enrol in a program it
will be added to your cart, and your membership fee will also be added to the cart. This
generates an invoice which you can pay in the usual ways.
We hope to have the new look UMAS for Members operational in October, so you can
familiarise yourself with it before on-line enrolments open for 2021.
We will let you know once it is operational.