U3A Healesville

University of the Third Age


General membership information

You must register each year.

  • Membership entitles members to participate in any or all available courses and activities for free (sometimes a gold coin donation or similar is requested to cover a tutor’s individual costs).
  • Attend courses at other U3As for a small additional fee (see prices below).
  • Receive the U3A Healesville newsletter when published.

Joining or renewing your membership

Membership sign-ups and renewals as well as course enrolments can be done either online or using paper forms.

To join online and become a New Member of U3A Healesville:

To register online join here. This will take you to an on-line form to fill in and submit. This enters you into the membership database. Once you have signed up as a member you can enrol in courses and pay your fees either manually or online. To do this online use these instructions: U-MAS for Members user manual.

Download the course booklet here

To renew your membership online if you are an existing member:

If renewing you can review and update your details online, enrol in courses online and pay your subscriptions online. To review your details, manage your courses and pay your fees online login here. Or follow these instructions: U-MAS for Members user manual.

Whilst both new members once registered and renewing members can enrol in courses online, your enrolment will not be accepted until your fees have been paid and registered in the database.

Download the course booklet here

Alternately, you may join or renew offline, including enrolling for courses and paying your fees, by:

A Note on the OER and Associate Memberships

The Outer Easter Region (OER) is a grouping of six individual U3A branches in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges: Healesville, Mt Dandenong (Kalorama), Sherbrooke (Upwey), Upper Yarra (Yarra Junction), Yarra Ranges (Lilydale) and Walmsley Village (Kilsyth).  When you join your home U3A it is then possible to attend courses at any of the others.  A booklet is available from the Court House outlining all the courses offered by all members.

For Healesville Full Members, you need to pay the OER Supplement (to Healesville) and then approach a sister U3A to join as a OER Member there.

For members of a sister U3A, you need to pay the OER Supplement to your local U3A, then contact Healesville to become an OER Member, which is free.

It is necessary to be registered at an ‘other’ U3A in addition to your home one because you have to be on the ‘other’ database to receive e-mails, course updates etc from their Leaders. The fee is used to fund production and distribution of the booklet mentioned above.

Associate Members are similar, but your home U3A is not one of the OER six, and you pay the fee to Healesville.

Membership Badges

All members are issued with a Membership Badge. This is to be worn to all courses. A new badge is issued each year. New members joining will have their badge sent to them soon after receipt of their Registration Form or online signup.  Renewing members will receive their new year’s badge upon receipt of their renewal documentation and fee.


Whether you are a new member joining or an existing member renewing, payment can be made by:

  • Taking cash or a cheque to the office, or
  • Mailing a cheque to the office, or
  • Paying by EFT – see below
  • Paying by PayPal via the HUMMS database – see above

If you pay electronically (EFT Deposit) please ensure that you give your first initial and your family name in the reference area. Our banking details: Bendigo Bank, BSB no 633 108, Account Number 1570-90572. Name of account: U3A Healesville Inc. If you used EFT and are sending us a Membership Form, please remember to state the date you made the EFT.

The Office is located in the “Court House” at cnr. Harker St & Healesville-Kinglake Rd, Healesville.
Open hours:  12:30 – 1:30pm Thursdays during term time. Closed for school holidays.
Mail: PO Box 1017, Healesville 3777
Phone: 0490 917 975

Membership options (prices for 2021):

Note : All current full members who have paid their registration fees for 2020 will only pay $25 for full membership for the 2021 year

Category Description Fee Payable
Full Member Full membership with all membership rights ( new members joining in 2021 ) $50
Volunteer A volunteer  (e.g., Committee Member) not attending any classes No fee payable
Leader Leader, not attending any classes, OR
Leading more than one class and attending any number of classes
No fee payable
Leader Participant Leading only one class and attending one or more classes $25
OER Supplement To become a member of the entire Outer Eastern Region (OER) group of U3As
— then you may attend any course at any OER U3A as well as Healesville (you will need to register at the other U3A too, which is free)
OER Member You must already a member of another Outer Eastern Region (OER) group,
have paid the Supplement to your own U3A, and
wish to attend Healesville courses
No fee payable
Associate Member Already a member of another U3A that is not in the Outer Eastern Region (OER) $20

Enrolling in classes

Once you are a member, you may enrol in classes:

  • Online (see How to enrol in a class at the top of the login page), or
  • At the annual Registration Days, held towards the end of the year, or
  • By contacting the Class Coordinator
  • By contacting or visiting the Office

Note: It is not possible to enrol directly with a class leader.