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Roadmap update with links to Public Documents

Dear all,

My apologies for emailing you again but I did receive the following communication from Lee Clunes of the Yarra Ranges Shire which details the Roadmap for those who of you who are interested to know more. It includes links to public documents which you may find informative. She writes as folllows beginning with what we can do right now:

“There has been a slight easing in some restrictions with travel now extended to 10 kilometres from home and new social gathering restrictions as outlined below.

  • Social gatherings are permitted outdoors between two people from a maximum of two households. Up to five people can socialise outdoors (excluding dependants), from two households, if every person over 18 years is fully vaccinated.

You can now leave your home for one of the six following reasons:

  • shopping for necessary goods and services
  • caregiving or compassionate reasons, including medical care or to get a COVID-19 test
  • authorised work (with a permit) or permitted education
  • exercise (once a day for up to 4 hours, and that 4 hours includes any time spent outdoors socialising in limited groups)
  • outdoor social interaction in limited groups (once a day for up to 4 hours, and that 4 hours includes any time spent on exercise)
  • to get a COVID-19 vaccination (provided the distance travelled, and the time taken is no more than is absolutely necessary)

For more detail about restrictions go to COVIDSafe Settings | Coronavirus Victoria

It is hoped that vaccination rates will have reached 70% of the population by 26 October and restrictions can be greatly reduced.

More details on Victoria’s Roadmap that was outlined by the Premier on Sunday can be found at links below.

Victoria’s roadmap: developing a national plan.


How you can help?

  • Get vaccinated as soon as possible
  • Get tested at the first sign of any symptoms
  • Follow the current restrictions in place, including:
    • Wearing a mask indoors and outdoors
    • Leaving home only for a permitted reason
    • No gatherings at your home
  • Check exposure sites and see what to do if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19
  • Sanitise your hands, maintain physical distance from others, and stay COVIDSafe

Hopefully we keep moving towards our goal of high vaccination rates and further easing of lockdown.”

I trust this answers any more questions you might have.

Best wishes,

John Pascoe (President)